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Bialetti Coffee Maker Review: An Automatic Machine with a Punch!

Bialetti has been synonymous with coffee makers for almost a hundred years now and it continues to dominate the market even on online stores. But what makes the Bialetti coffee maker one of the leading brands it is today?

The Bialetti coffee machine is one of the most used units of coffee maker anywhere else in the world.

After 80 years of classic design elegance, Bialetti has produced more than 200 million coffee machines since the 1950s.

But did you know that the Bialetti automatic coffee machines, introduced in the 1970s, are mostly cheaper than the classic Bialetti Moka pots

As Bialetti Industrie continues to innovate coffee brewing and carried with it the Italian brand of coffee-making, it expanded in manufacturing Bialetti automatic coffee machines more than 40 years ago.

Today, the brand is one of the well-received manufacturers of coffee makers the world learned to love.

This Bialetti coffee maker review will take you where the flavor is; as we explore the greatness (or mediocrity?) of one of the world’s most-loved automatic coffee machines.

Ergonomic features of Bialetti Coffee Machines

The modern automatic Bialetti coffee maker, primarily a drip coffee machine, has some of the biggest capacities (in terms of cups) in just one brewing.

That’s why it is the coffee maker preferred by modern households and coffee shops.

You can buy a Bialetti coffee maker 14-cup as well as the 12 and 10-cup capacity automatic coffee machines.

This drip brewer is a well-designed coffee maker that has reliable functionality, a minimalist design, and offers a lot of conveniences for users.

The interior is quite eye-catching, which is an alluring appliance that can match your kitchen’s ambiance.

The coffee machine has a distinct brew that makes a rich and smooth taste more coffee lovers prefer.

Let’s take a look at the Bialetti 14-cup Glass Carafe Coffee Maker

bialetti coffee maker review

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Admirable Design

More than its handsome look, Bialetti is truly a work of art in progress. Originally designed and made in Italy, this popular coffee brewer is not just a piece of art; it’s a workhorse that provides coffee lovers with the caffeine and aroma they want.

The front panel of the Bialetti is made from stainless steel in various colors such as black or silver.

The minimal footprint of the Bialetti, with an average height of 14.21 inches and width of 7.52 inches, makes it a space saver on your countertop.

Moreover, the water reservoir’s content is easily viewable so you can see when it’s time to fill up. This Bialetti has an easy-to-read water gauge for quick tracking of the water content.

The brewer comes with a reusable basket filter and a glass carafe.

Programmable features

This compact Bialetti coffee maker stainless steel has programmable and customizable features that you will truly love.

These features will make your coffee brewing more convenient than your previous coffee machine.

Wake up to a great cup of coffee where you can program the Bialetti up to 24 hours in advance in brewing excellent coffee.

It has a variable brew setting so you can also program the coffee strength that you desire.

You can select the brew strength by using the front dial. Brew selection is light, medium or bold. You can program the machine to brew from 1 to 4 cups.

Easy to use

Even if this Bialetti coffee maker is automatic, first time users won’t have a hard time using it. This user-friendly machine doesn’t have an elaborate user-interface, unlike super-automatic units.

The programmable setting though is so easy to learn. Moreover, the coffee maker has also an automatic shut-off feature that turns itself off after a few minutes of being idle.

It would be safer even if you forgot to plug-off the machine.

Furthermore, the glass carafe has water level markings so you would know how much water is needed for brewing.

Special Cleaning Cycle

Unlike most automatic coffee makers, this Bialetti has a programmable and automatic cleaning cycle that cleanses the parts where the coffee flows.

There is a push-button on the upper left side of the front panel of the machine that says ‘clean’.

After every brew, you can push this button or you may pre-program it, hot water will automatically flush out the coffee sediments that remained in the system.

It is better to put a basin or a small container to catch the dripping water for disposal. By the way, don’t use soap in cleaning your Bialetti.


The Bialetti drip brewer only takes a few minutes to brew your favorite coffee in a glass carafe. The machine will make a sound telling you that one brewing cycle is finished. 

What excites most baristas is that this Bialetti coffee pot heats the water high enough to make a perfect brew without waiting for so long.

The quick heating time is courtesy of the 1,200 watts brewing system.

Best coffee ground for Bialetti

There is no standard coffee grind to use in the automatic Bialetti coffee machines. The ideal grind perhaps lies in the preference of the coffee drinkers. 

However, most coffee fiends prefer the fine or medium-cut coffee grinds, with more users on the medium side.

So don’t be intimidated with the standards, you can set yours as long as you are satisfied with your brew. 

Bialetti cleaning & maintenance

This Bialetti coffee machine is one of the easiest to clean among other automatic coffee makers. As this unit is easy to set and run, so does its cleaning and maintenance.

In addition to its special cleaning cycle which can be done regularly, you can also run a mixture of water and vinegar through the brewer to clear the machine of mineral buildup.

This can be done once every 2 months or when needed.

The process also eliminates the buildup of mold, scale, and even bacteria.

Need to say more?

To sum up our review, we probably need to show more about other pros and cons of the Bialetti coffee maker, here it goes!


  • Programmable features are user-friendly.
  • A fast brewer compared to others (3-6 minutes).
  • With provided stainless steel filter.
  • Can also use a paper filter.
  • Available with high capacity models.
  • The best automatic coffee maker for less than $60.


  • Only offers a 1-year warranty period.
  • The glass carafe is not insulated.
  • Integrated with plastic materials but BPA-free.
  • The glass carafe is prone to breaking.

Here’s our judgment

We are also coffee addicts so we knew first-hand the best tool on which we could have the best-tasting coffee.

Whether we choose fine, medium, or coarse grind coffees, we find it also depends on the machine that you use.

The Bialetti coffee maker may not be the number one coffee machine but it sure delivers great-tasting coffee with a fair price compared to its nearest competitors.

This unit is also programmable which will give you the precise brew every time and you don’t need to guess anymore.

Overall, this automatic coffee brewer is not bad to use at home. Even small shops could use this as a backup unit.

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